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Just as Sarah Bush Lincoln was among the first 10 percent of hospitals nationally to adopt electronic medical records, it is among the first to adopt ambulatory EMRs. 2007 marked the beginning of a multi-year implementation process and now, all of our primary care and many of our specialty clinics use the AEMR system, which has improved our efficiency. 

Sarah Bush Lincoln received grants from the Agency for Health Research and Quality (the lead government agency dedicated to improving the quality, safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care for Americans) to support implementation of this technology. With federal government mandating that all hospitals have electronic medical records by 2014, we are well ahead of the curve! We have implemented CPOE and bedside bar coding to ensure the continued safety of our patients. We are working on the implementation of medication reconciliation. We are working toward full implementation of voice recognition software to complete the dictation process. 

We are constantly striving to make improvements in our electronic systems to enhance our efficiences and patient safety. Our medical staff is engaged in helping us achieve this.