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Quaint shops, antique boutiques, and hand-made items are plentiful locally and sprinkled throughout the area, after all, small towns are most widely known for that. In revitalized downtowns, you’ll find old-style coffee shops, diners and specialty stores that have stood the test of time. They thrive because they make their guests feel welcomed. 

Just 25 miles to our north is Arthur, home to an Amish settlement where you can find beautifully constructed furniture, delicious home goods and wonderfully hand-sewn quilts. Plus, the highly skilled craftsmen are plentiful.

During our growing season, you can find fresh produce at a number of Farmer’s Markets throughout the region.

You'll find much of what you may need at the Cross County Mall in Mattoon. Larger mall shopping is close by in Champaign, Decatur and Terre Haute .